• Ingenieria

Detailed engineering

The technical department, starting from the client established premises, start the drawing up of the initial sketches, offering alternatives, focusing on obtaining the most effective, inexpensive solution.

After this point, we start detail designing, searching to reduce the number of parts involved and for simplicity in manufacturing and assembly.

Finally, we will focus on preparing the manufacturing documentation, which includes construction plans, the group´s plans and the list of materials and assembly instructions. We are familiar with working with different documentation managers so if the client works with one of them we can easily collaborate.

Ingenieria de detalle


When we work on an already completed project, we can optimize the existing approaches and above all, present new solutions since we have a multidisciplinary team.

Our participation in a variety of projects has professionally enriched us and positioned us as your best partner when providing new ideas.



If you prefer to have your technicians available for a new project but still have remaining tasks in past manufacturing or assembly plans, we can complete them from our installations. This way, your commitments with the client won’t be altered and you may dedicate all of your resources to new projects.

On the other hand, we are aware that many companies started out using the drawing board, and then came the computer. The accumulation of old documentation generates spatial problems and runs the risk of deteriorating or disappearing.  We can help you convert those old documents into a digital format. If you already have them in a digital format but one that is not compatible with your current 3D system, we can also help.



There will be times when having more resources available in your department is the best option for confronting currently running projects. We can provide you a technician for as long as you need, and provide the hardware and software to start working right from the start. You only have to worry about finding him a desk to work at, we’ll do the rest.



3D Printing

If you want to add a vinyl sticker with your logo or any other drawing or text, we have a plotter cutter.

We can generate a prototype of your designs from the created 3D design.